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Life Together

We love to gather for worship on Sundays, but many of us leave wanting more! Here are some of the other things we have going on during a typical week.

Bible Studies

Our summer Bible study will be a joint study with men and women on the topic of prayer. We will meet every Wednesday night, but in various groups and at different locations, so please contact us for details if you would like to join!


Being a church is not just about visiting the same building every Sunday; it's about being a family together. It's not uncommon for someone in the church to announce a Friday night game night for anyone who wants to come, or to invite others from the church over for dinner. These sorts of activities are usually less formal and more impromptu, so the best way to be know what's happening is to get involved in our regularly scheduled activities and listen to hear about more! Our calendar is also a helpful guide to the life of the church.


Although all church activities could be said in some way to involve discipleship - the process of helping others to follow Jesus Christ - this often takes a more particular form in one-on-one or small group meetings. At any given time, people in the church are involved in close personal relationships where they share their lives deeply with one another, give and receive mentorship, pray for one another, study and memorize scripture together, and encourage one another in love and good deeds. If you believe that something like this will help you in your walk with Christ, let us know!