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What to Expect

Our worship service begins at 10:00 with a time of silence and prayer as we seek to quiet our minds and prepare to approach our holy God in worship. From that point on everything is built on God's word, which teaches us how to worship him. We praise God using the psalms of the Bible, we read the Bible, we pray as we are taught in the Bible, and we hear a message from the Bible. Beyond that, there is very little else - not even musical instruments! But this simplicity opens the way for our hearts to turn toward the living God, so that we might meet with Him, and He with us, through the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit. After the worship service we have a time of fellowship and snacks. Stay as long as you want!

Our evening Sunday school begins at 5:15pm. We keep the doors open on the west side of the building until a little after that time, but the Civic Center's security policy is that we need to keep the doors locked while we meet. If you do arrive late, please call 307-761-3701 so that we can let you in. We have a Sunday school class for adults and youth, a class for children (4 years old - 6th grade), and a nursery. Classes go until 6pm, and then on the first and third Sundays of every month we have a fellowship meal at 6:15pm. There is always plenty of food, so plan to stay and eat! On the final Sunday of the month we have an evening worship service at 5:15pm instead of classes.